Download current version:

For players offline installing:

Put the .pak file in this folder, then it is ready for play offline or for joining a bombingrun server:


*username is your windowsprofile name

You can test it choosing Play > Custom Single Player Match > Custom > Bombing Run

For Admins make a new gamemode in your server .ini and ruleset. You can also use UTCC.

The gamemode runs as mutator. So you put Map and Gamemode in the SAME folder. The gamemode will override the files inside of the map, needed for the mod.
One ruleset can be found on UTCC

You need to activate the mutator, if you have a server called "BombingRun". On hubs the host, which is making the gameinstance, needs to choose this mutator.

This ruleset has been tested on a hub working:

: {
            "uniqueTag": "BombingRun",
            "categories": [
            "title": "Bombing Run",
            "tooltip": "Bombing Run",
            "description": "Bombing Run Community Mod\n\n<UT.Hub.RulesText_Small>TimeLimit : %TimeLimit% minutes</>\n<UT.Hub.RulesText_Small>Maximum players : %MaxPlayers%</>",
            "mapPrefixes": ["BR"],
            "maxMapsInList": 80,
            "customMapList": [
            "maxPlayers": 12,
            "displayTexture": "Texture2D'/Game/RestrictedAssets/UI/GameModeBadges/GB_TDM.GB_TDM'",
            "gameMode": "/Game/UT4BombingRun/UT4BRGameMode.UT4BRGameMode_C",,
            "gameOptions": "?MaxPlayerWait=120?TimeLimit=15?GoalScore=50?Mutator=/Game/BombingRun.BombingRun_C,",
            "requiredPackages": ["/Game/UT4BombingRun/UT4BRGameMode.UT4BRGameMode_C"],
            "bTeamGame": true,
            "bCompetitiveMatch": false,
            "optionFlags": 65535,
            "bHideFromUI": false

For redirect insert your urls and checksum in your game.ini:

BR Options - You have options to turn on specific values for BombingRun:

These are the values to gameOptions:

doublejump=true    doublejump=false
brtrans=true            brtrans=false
adrenaline=true      adrenaline=false
iBR=true                iBR=false
BR=true                 BR=false
vBR=true               vBR=false

  • For nwBombingRun ?BR=true needs to be added. Tthis will turn on those options: doublejump=true brtrans=true  adrenaline=true  iBR=false vBR=false BR=true, which equals UT2004 gameplay.
  • For vanillaBombingRun you need to add ?vBR=true, this will turn all parameters false, which equals UT4 gameplay.
  • For instagibBombingRun you need to add ?iBR=true. Adding only this value will set UT2k4 gameplay. Adding additonally ?vBR=true will set UT4 gameplay. Lowgrav can be added as mutator too.

If you add the mods as "Featured" on your hub please mark them for example "2k4BombingRun" or "UT4BombingRun"

adrenaline turn off doesn't work yet

For developing:

If you wanna help modding, modeling, mapping etc, just hit me up.


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