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Showcase event, Update 1.53, Map updates

UnrealPugs is doing a showcase streaming-event for 28 October starting at 7pm cet/ 10am pdt showing all gametypes one map. BombingRun will participate at start 7pm cet. We have some players and missing numbers will be filled with bots. If you want to join us on this day, let me know in discord. The stream can be watched here:

Maps and gamemode have been updated to fix bugs, add features and improve bots.
Update these files:




Twin Tombs:

Patch log

Bug fix:
-Ball stays invisible after bot lost ball

Gameplay changes for UT4 version:

-After teleport gravity scale sets 0.15 for 0.5 seconds. This feels like double jump and is good for passing in air, so you don't fall like a stone

-Loser bonus…

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