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Gamemode 1.49 TwinTombs 4.1

This update brings some fixes on Twintombs for the goals, collision and reduced pak-size.

For the gamemode it comes with significant changes.

UT4 version will have the following changes:

no more UT2004 ball radar, since we have blitz-like radarthe translocator will be removed, cause it seems to be to hard without single player campaign to practice.weapon self damage is reduced to 60%. this gives the chance for rocket or flak jumps similar to quake and keeps the game quickgame time is set to 15 minutes and can be adjustable. goal score limit is set to 48 and can be is adjustablethe gamemode checks for 0 ping of the player in offline match and cancels the warmup thenadrenaline stays in UT4 UT2004 version stays as it is, no changes. 
Bug fixes: Double ball bug should be fixed
Download: Bombing Run 1.49
Download Twin Tombs 4.1

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