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BR-Anubis and Gamemode update

The last update of 2018 will bring a rework of Anubis. Testing gamemode and map will be on 19.12.18 at 8pm gmt / 12pm pdt on [PHX] PHOENIX GERMANY

It comes with new textures, light, performance, player footprints and sounds, Last second save volume, bot support and destroyable meshes.

You can find the download here:

Gamemode update v 1.54:
Can be downloaded here:
-added Ballspectator: Spectators can spectate the ball, no matter if someone has the ball or not. The camera stays on the ball/ballcarrier
-added Last second save volume: On last second safe at goal, killer gets 10 pillpoints
-killing the ballcarrier gives 12 pillpoints
- bug fixes of movement, bot ball interaction, udamage
- adaption of gun mesh with ballcore
-added instagib rifle ball boosting

Anubis Screenshots:

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