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Official bot support

Gamemode version 1.5 is ready for download with bot support on UTCC - Download

This version allows basic online and offline bot support.

Bots pick up ball, go for 7 goal score.
In future i will work on passing and scoring 3 points. It is possible.

If the bots don't move, then the map has no Navigation volume for the bots and needs to be updated.

So far Grendelkeep has been balanced for bots with LiftJump, Walljump and Defense points. Twintombs works too, but has som pickup bugs i need to fix.

In general some bugs can occur, but don't affect the gameplay much, the ball reset then.

BR-Grendelkeep Version 1.2 on UTCC - Download

Some collision and textures are fixed, map comes with more light, better lift jump, bot defense points and custom goals. I'm pretty happy with this map version.

I will be on vacation for 2 weeks, after this twintombs gets a quick update and Wednesday testing will be back with bots. Then a Disclosure rework will come and Anubis after this.
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