Update v1.5

there you go: https://utcc.unrealpugs.com/content/166-Bombing-Run

250 mb

added features:
  • radar added, works fine
  • charged translocator - 5 discs - ballthrow penalty -ballpass advantage = same in ut2k4
  • twintombs improved
  • locking sign changed
  • ball has lifespan 20 seconds
fixed bugs:
  • Lock fail sound fix needed
  • ballpass could get stuck, needs lifespan then reset
  • translocator infinite right now
  • weapon switch on ball launcher taken possible
  • teleport after balllauncher taken possible
  • Locking sign needs to be deleted after a pass
if this version runs well on online server, it is the prototype version, i also updated all mutators

edit: some small bugs occur, which i fix if i got time. Until then u can testplay it on Fair-Gamers Server

small bugs:
-ballannouncer audio needs serverwide function -done
-lock sound clientside teammember doesnt appear -done
-radar serverwide needs serverwide function -done, implemented in HUD now
-tl more far -done
-tl less cooldown -done
-ballthrow more far -done
-ballpass higher -done
-playerreset bugged, doesn't work properly - done


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