Hotfix update

Gamemode 1.1 
TwinTombs 3.5

Fixed bugs: 
-overtime infinite 
-if player is chatting and gets a pass the mouse gets stuck = crash 
-if players interceps a pass he could not get the balllauncher mandatory
-if player gets pass and he teleports right at balltouch, the ball stays in air
-lock sound not properly
-winning team doesn't work properly yet, if no player are on one team
-translocator penatly doesn't work sometimes
-Lockingsing proper delete
-ballstatus proper delete
-red goal 3 points bugged
-ball reset doesn't work anymore in KillZVolume

Improved Features:
  • Improved Ballcode
  • Removed all mutators
  • Added Balllauncher icon
  • Ballspawn works properly
  • Balltrail at pass

Twintombs update: 163mb


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