-hud signs for goals and ball, since many new players have problems with the radar. Temporary for now:

-hud shows ball possession per team in % with live update

-improved locking mechanic. It uses 1 single trace, then 2 multi trace. The better you aim the locking, the more miliseconds you save. It is not as wide as in ut2004 yet. We will see how it goes, i guess i make it wider in future. Still some small issues to solve
-added after ball throw penalty player gets 1 TL disc back, if any other player touches the ball
-changed font in hud
-added warmup 2 minutes. Lets hope it works on the server
-added suicide on Feign Death. By assigning feign death key, you are using suicide in the bombingrun mod

-winner function fixed, hopefully

Gaming Days are on the discord server in calender now. Its wednesday as usual


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