Update V1.3 & Disclosure

I think this is the biggest update so far. Lot of changes but also lot of testing.

-fixed hud to resolution, added some notifications
-added adrenaline pills
-added warm up (maybe)
-moved announcer to library for easier handling
-added brmenu:
You can open the brmenu with H key. Make sure you have no other key assigned to this. Then you need to open the console, so the mouse can click on it. Workarround for now. Assign your keys. You can assign suicide and speed key.
You can also use B as key for speed, if you have 100 adrenaline pills.
You get 25 adrenaline pills with a goal or collecting them.
-fixed ballcarrier healing
-increased pass speed slightly
-added ball trail on throw
-increased translocator shooting
-added own goal scoring forbidden mechanic
-added BR-Disclosure - this map needs V1.3. If you have an old gamemode version and playing this map, the game crashes on pill touch.

Gamemode 1.3


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