V 1.35

added restart with weapons, new balllauncher code and faster locking

-on round-restart player is losing all picked up weapons
-pill sound to loud
-ballthrow with translocator, not intended
-no locksound/failsound on disclosure
-if you use bio and right click, you still have weapon while beeing callcarrier
-speed works only at exactly 100 pills.
-For Red Goal 3 points the ball needs to fly at least 0.25 second
-locking-sign slow cause of Playerstate check, could need improvment. Locking mechanic works quick and fine
-incoming pass msg pass stop still there
-if player is in menu or chat, he can not take the ball = workarround (otherwise mouse stuck) - reason: "Create inventory" while in chat/menu locks the mouse out of the game



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