2 EU Hubs with BombingRun

2 Hubs added BombingRun:

Unreal Battles #4 - DE - EU Hub 

A server which plays mostly instagib matches. I hope the instagib BR community will find their path there. So far i don't know what is good for iBR. UT4 movement or UT2k4. Lowgrav or not. So we will see.


A quite popluar server for Elimination and Blitz added BR in different version. You are able to choose, which way you wanna play. Updates may not be as quick on this hub, since many players playing there. But opening a match there will most likely attract new players.

This gives the chance to play on 14.02.2018 on PHX GERMANY HUB 8pm gmt / 12pm.


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