V 1.39 - the change of bombingrun

I've been asked by a few people to turn off double jump, modified transcloator and adrenaline as a pure UT4 version. I was thinking about that anyway, so this version has the first working config menu to enable vanilla Bombing Run (vBR).
Please note, BombingRun never had no doublejump or infinite translocator. The game will feel very different in vanilla. Most likley it will be UT2003 like, where you throw the ball to front and teleport after. A dream for translocator-only player but less passing. Also for the passing you will fall like a heavy potato, if you go for a pass in air, since you don't have the second jump to stand in air.

These options can also be changed in the ruleset for admins. I don't know if it works by Gameoptions URL or simply adding the values. You can look it up here.

As for the gamemode definiton i will add these to Gameplay
Instagib and adrenaline doesn't work properly yet. Unfortunately i have no more time to test or code for 2 months now. I got exams, then vacation and traveling. End of march i can continue working on BombingRun. Sometimes i can play, sometimes not.

Download 1.39

Bug fixes:
-ball clipping fixed
-blurry screen after esc menu fixed
-small hud added
-adrenaline fixed

Features added:
-config menu by selecting mutator
-config items added for GameOptions URL in ruleset
-adrenaline hud changed


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