Version 1.46 - stable gamemode

It's been a long way of developing and testing until this stage.
The gamemode is officially stable. This means the balls stays in game at all times and the mechanics work pretty good overall.

We had a good testing day yesterday, which showed some last bugs. Only one situation bugged out the ball, which i have fixed. The minor fixes i did as well as listed:

- ball doesn't respawn after goal fixed
- ball doesn't drop properly after telefrag fixed
- UT4 version, respawn with not picked up weapons fixed
- iBR version, spawining with ballauncher and 0 ammo fixed

Added features:
- ballpass intercept with a shock combo of the enemy team.
- ballpass intercept with a Charged bioshot of the enemy team
- Changed goal score effect
- New Hud: the hud is designed for 720p or 1080p. Custom window sizes or 4K gameresolution don't work properly yet

This is the last gamemode version for the next time, since my exams are coming near and i'm working on reworking maps. See you on wednesday


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